Energy Reduction

Procuring your electric and natural gas supply at a competitive price is critical to managing your energy budget, but it is equally important to have a strategy to reduce your usage. Although US Energy Source focuses primarily on energy procurement, we have established relationships with several reputable companies that help our clients to reduce energy usage and demand. By leveraging their expertise for our customers, we can help our clients achieve energy cost savings and manage their energy budget more efficiently. US Energy Source can help guide you through the many available options related to energy curtailment, management and green technologies.

Demand response
US Energy Source demand response programs offer you the opportunity to generate revenue by reducing your energy requirements when requested by the power grid and/or during periods of high electric demand. Earn money when you become part of this grid sponsored program.

Energy Audit
Take the first step towards efficiency with a comprehensive audit of your facility. i.e.: benchmarking, feasibility studies, building envelope audit.

Energy Management Systems
Real Time energy technologies to more efficiently manage and reduce your energy consumption.

Lighting Retrofit
Use the newest and greenest technologies to reduce your lighting bill up to 70%.

Save up to 30% on refrigeration costs by using simple low cost technologies and or upgrades.

HVAC, Heating & Mechanical Systems
Save up to 40% on heating and cooling costs by upgrading from your current system or adding energy efficient low cost upgrades to an existing system.

Power Factor Optimization
Distribution system balancing, engineering inspections / audits, green building assessment and sustainable building design.


Save up to 30% on your energy supply.


Reduce your utility bills by up to 50% or more by using high efficiency products and the latest technologies.


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