Energy Audit / Cost Reduction

It has been estimated that most commercial office buildings are wasting up to 40% of their energy costs due to physical plant and operations inefficiencies. Every day we are being encouraged to save energy and slow climate change. These two global problems are also arguably the biggest business opportunities of the 21st century. Barclays Bank recently released a report predicting that climate change will boost the global economy and dominate financial markets over the next 25 years. With increasing regulation and legislative pressure, it is incumbent on building owners and facilities managers to address their energy issues.

To address these issues, US Energy Source offers the E2CØ Program, a total end to end solution in the energy efficiency market space. With the global focus on energy efficiency, climate change, water issues, and other environmental and public health issues, companies are finding that they must operate within the spotlight of environmental and energy constraints. Our services run the full gamut of the sustainability and energy marketplace and include:

  • Energy efficiency benchmarks and audits,
  • Water conservation studies,
  • Carbon footprint analyses,
  • Zero waste management,
  • Renewable energy solutions, and
  • Corporate sustainability reporting


Save up to 30% on your energy supply.


Reduce your utility bills by up to 50% or more by using high efficiency products and the latest technologies.


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